01. Their daughter Audrey was born about three weeks [premature], but is nonetheless doing very well.
02. Studies show that when [premature] babies receive a daily massage, they gain an average 47 percent more weight.
03. Hypothesizing about who committed the murder is [premature] at this point. We simply don't have enough evidence.
04. His [premature] death was obviously the result of a very unhealthy lifestyle.
05. I think the decision was made somewhat [prematurely], and now that we have more information, I think we should re-examine the issue.
06. In Brazil in 1962 after the national team won the World Cup in Chile, everything stopped for a couple of days while Rio celebrated a [premature] carnival.
07. During the reign of French King Louis XI, the women of high society lived mainly on soup because they believed that chewing food could cause the development of [premature] facial wrinkles.
08. Sir Winston Churchill was born [prematurely] in a ladies' cloakroom in Blenheim Castle, where his mother was attending a formal ball.
09. Research shows that two out of every three deaths are [premature]; they are related to lack of physical activity, smoking or excessive drinking.
10. She is [prematurely] gray, so people think she's older than she really is.
11. The Canadian government once described those Canadians who fought in the Spanish Civil War as [premature] anti-fascists.
12. Samuel Butler once said, "If I die [prematurely], at any rate, I shall be saved from being bored to death at my own success."
13. Franz Kafka once suggested that all human errors are impatience, a [premature] breaking off of methodical procedure.
14. Henry Miller once remarked, "I have never been able to look upon America as young and vital, but rather as [prematurely] old, as a fruit which rotted before it had a chance to ripen."
15. Anything could happen in today's 100-meter race, so it's [premature] to suggest that the Jamaican runner is assured of winning a medal.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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